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I am actually a Tanguay fan but I think there are a few reasons why he is unsigned:
1) Possibly asking for too much money.
2) Possibly asking for too much term.
3) Possibly wants to go to a cup contender but they have already filled their roster and/or cant afford him (Detroit, Calgary, Chicago, San Jose, etc.)
4) Possibly has too much of an ego and will not sign with any team unless he plays on the top line. Who still needs a top line LW? (Florida? - not a cup contender, Colorado? - not a cup contender, Philly? - Cant afford him, etc.)

He probably could have re-signed in Montreal but they figured they would give money to a younger Cammalleri. Bottom line is his agent or himself assesed his value way to high when free agency started and teams have already spend too much money so he ethier accepts less money or less term, sucks it up and plays on a teams 2nd line, or goes to a team that is rebuilding.... or wait for a massive KHL contract.

Edit: Another thing I would like to add is the Kovelev contract throws teams a complete curve ball when negotiating with Tanguay's agent. It will go something like this:
GM: "What kind of contract is Tanguay looking for?"
Agent: "Well Kovalev got 5 mill for 2 years, Tanguay is younger, has a cup ring, and plays on the PK so we are looking for 6 million for 4 years."
GM: *click*

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