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The lights didn't have to go down at all. Bliss rises from the Jack in the Box, demonstrating total control and power over the Fiend. She climbs into the ring, with the Fiend under her spell, he just complies as she slowly manipulates him in position, and delivers Sister Abigail on the Fiend. The Fiend sells the living hell out of it. A disgusted, demented Bliss takes the mic saying only she could accomplish what Orton failed to and that was to put an end to the Fiend once and for all. Then as she exits the ring, the lights go dark, when they come back on Bray has lifted the Fiend mask, looking like a dejected failure. Bo Dallas appears ringside along with their Dad and Barry Windham. They take Bray away in an intervention sort of way. We won't see him again until June or so as he re appears with Bo as a tag team going their real names and the team adopting the US Express persona.

The feud with Bliss and Orton continues with Bliss interfering in each of Ortons matches trying manipulate each of his opponents trying to find her next "Orton Destroyer". This goes on for a number of months until she sets her sight on the Viking Raiders. She entices them each week, by first going back to her old Alexa Bliss character wearing skimpier and sexier clothes, acting all innocent until they finally succumb to her and her sweetness. At which point she reverts back the twisted character she currently is portraying and turns the Viking Raiders into the most destructive, demonic tag team. They destroy Orton ending that feud. This sets them (Viking Raiders) on a path to the Tag Team Championship, by this point the new US Express are the Champions. A Royal Rumble match between the two teams ends with The Viking Raiders with Bliss emerging as champions. This sets up the Wrestlemania rematch. For the rematch, the US Express re adopts the Fiend gimmick, win of course and they carry Bliss away in an intervention type way.

At this point the Bliss character could go either way, reappear as a reformed blonde, sweet and innocent. Or come back as if she escaped reformation, more demented then ever, and has it out for the Rotundo brothers, targets another tag team, or other wrestlers and takes another run at the US Epress2.0.
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