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Its interesting that they chose the name Lilly for Alexa's new friend

If they're referring to Lillith, the first wife of Adam and a precence of pure evil and temptation. I at first thought that Bliss was going to have a new wrestling friend that's a woman, I took it further that she would do to a woman competitor what the fiend did to her. But I think that Alexa is going to have two persona's the one you see, and a wrestling persona ala fiend.

Is this the end of the fiend? I almost think so, I don't think he won a lot and he was pretty much killed against Orton. I mean who cares if you get lit on fire if you don't come back and kill the villain. So yeah, I expect that Firefly funhouse will go away they won't bring back the swamp preacher. They're going to create a new Brother Love that maybe wrestlers, though Bray doesn't seem to be that good at it.

Its a pretty sad example of character writing and script development.
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