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Well, I've lost my interest after that mess of a main event.

Not only did they make Strowman look like a dumba$$. But Lesnar, the beast the man that put 1 in what 21 and 1 was pinned by a lame spear. Let me repeat that, he was fresh, and he took a single spear and was done.

I don't think much of Reigns, he's boring, he's garbage in the ring, he's crap on the mic. He gets a bump because Vince likes his looks and his smouldering intensity.

This whole card was a tremendous piece of garbage with the only positive being Becky Lynch beating the crap out of Flair.

So lets get my review.

Before I start, let me say this, they need to stop having NXT PPV's the night before because last nights NXT card made the main product look like it should be the developmental territory.

Seth Rollins defeats Dolph Ziggler - It was a good little match with a good ending, Dean Ambrose surprisingly didn't turn on Seth. Seth and Dolph have some nice chemistry and their matches seem to be really smooth

3* out of 5

Blugeon Brothers vs New Day - I get that New Day are fun and positive and funny. But all they're doing is getting squashed when it matters. Tonight they got pretty much squashed again, then the WWE puts in a nonsensical DQ where the Brothers beat them up with a styrofoam hammer. I'd give this match a star rating but I can't.

This match sucked.

Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens - This was the start of the nonesense of Summer Slam as Strowman basically squashed Owens, who did nothing but sell the beating. Kevin Owen's is a talented performer in the ring and on the mic, so it seems funny that he's been booked to look like a joke for the last few months. Maybe they'll have some ninja's kidnap Kevin Owens or something on Raw and he'll vanish for a few months. But this did nothing for Owen's and it was more suited to a Saturday Night Main Event Match.

0 out of 5

Carmella vs Becky vs Charlotte - I get the booking of the conniving heel trying to turn the friends against each other, but the booking of it was such that a proper match wasn't allowed to develop. Carmella is still green as can be and botched things several times. Overall the match was more suited to an episode of smackdown.

*3/4 out of 5

Why don't I like Charlotte? Because she has the same fricken match every time, every single time and tonight was no exception. The holy shyte spot was completely blown and looked like the fakeness of an Indy match. I commented to my significant other that Becky turned on Charlotte because that spot was trash, you know the corkscrew moonsault. I loved how the fans completely boo'd out the building during the hug but, and this shows the tremendous problem with the booking when Becky gets a massive pop plus a "You deserve it" chant after Becky turned heel on Charlotte.

Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles - There were some really good spots in this match, and realistically its the match of the night, however my pet peeve is when you interject story line, soap opera stuff during a match on a PPV, it tells me that the writers don't believe that the performers can keep the crowds interest. To me the Samoa Joe smack talk that made AJ snap and get DQ'd distracted from the match, because of that I downgraded this match.


Daniel Bryan vs Miz - This match should have had a ton of emotion going back to Miz's outstanding promo on talking smack, but to me it took too long for this match to happen and it was strangely devoid of emotion. Like him or hate him, Miz is the star of the two, with Bryan having lost most of his return heat with Cass being released and Bryan really doing nothing. Its sad that this match that should have been a blow off was pretty much used to set up a match at the Woman's PPV between Maryse and Brie Bella.


Corbin vs Finn Balor - Oh I get it, Corbin is squared of the demo or something like that? I don't want to put too much effort into reviewing another squash match so

*/5 just because of the Demon entrance
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