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That was stupid f'ing booking by the WWE, like really dumb and stupid. Basically what they've said is that a 5x woman's champion and one of the leaders of the woman's evolution is several tiers below Ronda Rousey. I mean just f'ing stupid.

There's not even a reason for having a rematch with Alexa, she got squashed out with no offense put in.

Basically this is the announcement. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Sasha Banks, Bayley's Becky Lynch's, and Charlottes and Alexa Bliss' of the world can just f'in leave now because Ronda is the next evolution and she won't be challenged until some of the MMA girls from NXT come up.

In one quick squash match, they might as well declare two tiers of woman's wrestling. The Sports Entertainers, and the legitimate athletes.

Yes, we have a new woman's champion, and I like Rousey, but you can still have her win, become the woman's champion and at the same time elevate the rest of your talent. The hollywood writers in the back never learned it, Vince seems to have forgotten it.

For Alexa, put her arm in a cast and take her off the road for several months and then bring her back as a manager I guess, because they basically killed off her character tonight. They took the smart conniving heel that generates heat with her actions and gave her nothing to work with.

Just fricken stupid.
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