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Default Hamilton Watches

Here’s our thread to discuss all things Hamilton. I’ll be posting new models as they arrive as well as featuring exciting pieces.
If you have any questions or comments regarding Hamilton, please feel free to post!

First, a little history of major milestones for Hamilton:
1892: The Hamilton brand is formed in Lancaster Pennsylvania
1900’s: At the turn of the century, all railroad employees were issued a Hamilton watche
1930’s: Official watch of American airlines, TWA, United and Northwest
1940’s: The beginning of the ‘Khaki’ saga. Hamilton becomes the official watch supplier of the US army
1970: Hamilton launches the PULSAR watch, the world’s first LED digital watch
2003: The production and headquarters of Hamilton watches are moved to Beil in Switzerland where all Hamilton watches are now SWISS MADE
Present: Hamilton is the leading brand for automatic watches ranging from $500-$2500
For a full history visit:

Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono
MSRP: $1,800

For the full collection visit:

Please email me at or PM me with any questions or price quotes. I will be offering CP pricing!
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