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Originally Posted by ken0042 View Post
Just wanted to show my appreciation for the work Travis did with my recent purchase of a new home, and sale of my old home.

First was the purchase of a new-built house. Typically this is a standard transaction; however there were a few things that I wanted that the builder did not want to do. With Travis' help I was able to get the "must have" options. A big part of that was that Travis knew the questions to ask; and how to ask them in a way that gave us the answers we needed.

Then where he really showed his talents was with the sale of my old home. He came out a few weeks before we put it on the market, and showed me a lot of things I needed to do to get ready for sale. A few of the things I knew, but there were other things that he placed higher up on the list. Once I did those things; I really understood why he told me to do them. My house had never looked so good.

Then there we the professionals he hired; most notably the photographer. Anybody can take pictures on a phone or even a DSLR camera; but these pictures really made my house stand out online.

Then there's his timing. He listed it at the right time to maximize interest. We had requests for showings right away, and by Saturday afternoon we had been through almost 20 showings.

Travis also knew the right price for listing. He came up with a list price that was higher than some recent comperables. However given his marketing, he was confidant it was a good price to go in with.

He was right to start with that price. Within 3 days we were looking at multiple offers. I also liked how he dealt with those multiple offers. I ended up getting more than my asking price; deal done in 3 days and conditions waived a few days later.

So at the end of the day, the final sale price was higher than what comperables had sold for the previous couple of weeks. And by higher I mean enough to cover the total commission I was paying; both Travis' as well as the buyer's realtor. So even if I had been somehow able to list it for free, I would have been no further ahead. Never mind the stress with dealing with showing the house for weeks on end.

What about using a discount realtor you ask? Well there is a house with an identical floor plan to mine that went on the market 2 days before mine; at the same price. It's still sitting on the market.

Thank you - Always makes it easy when the client trusts your judgement!

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