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It's nowhere near as stupid. It's, frankly, not stupid at all. The PPA thing was just a gaffe based on not reading an existing contract with a profit-driven private actor. They were always going to exercise their rights under contract to maximize their return. It's dollars and cents.

This is nothing like that - it's a dispute between a provincial government and a federal government over how matters in the province should be run. It is a policy debate. In other words, if the Federal government takes punitive measures, they are casting themselves in the role of the "bad guy", which is exactly the role Jason Kenney wants them to play for his populist, "those Eastern bastards are trying to put their foot on the throat of us good, upstanding Western Canadians" rhetoric. It's going to be a part of the campaign in the fall, and Kenney is going to do whatever he can to try to see the CPC win that election.

And frankly, he'd be right - the Federal Government attempting to effectively extort the province to sign on to its measures, failing which it will punish the province with damaging legislation, is overreach. Its constitutional legality is also debatable, but first and foremost, it comes across as blackmail. "Do what we say, or else". In short, it actually is the LPC trying to put their foot on Albertan throats to placate its base elsewhere, which makes it a particularly easy sell for Kenney, Wall, Moe, Ford, et al.

There is no parallel to be drawn between the two. One was an accident produced by incompetence with no upside whatsoever. The other is a deliberate, calculated political move.

Um sure. Except that you're assuming Kenney actually knew this was the deal Notley made and that he is acting with a plan as you've described.

Whether Kenney knew of the implications for in-situ sites before he promised to lift the emissions cap is unclear.

Kenney's reaction to this today was...aaaaah no comment.

And if it does play out as you described, Kenney would single handedly decimate the remains of our largest industry in order to make Albertan even more angry at those bastards in Ottawa? Well that is a head scratcher. We're already pretty pissed off. And that does sound a lot like Notely trying to make us mad at past conservative governments and their scary love of companies like Enron. Both effectively throw us under the bus for stupid political gain.

But none of this has really happened yet and I assume Kenney will wise up to the reality of the situation.
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