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for teams making a playoff push and looking for that extra help here is the Block for Dallas. Generally looking at picks and prospects but bring me an idea and you never know.

Corey Perry $8.50 X 3yrs 1W 78OV
Lee Stempniak $6.66 X 3yrs 1W 76OV
Mike Fisher $7.00 X 3yrs 1W 74OV
Tyler Johnson $5.25 X 3yrs 2W 73OV
Matt Cullen $1.22 X 3yrs 1W 72OV - GONE
Tanner Glass $0.55 X 2yrs 2W 64OV

Alex Goligoski $8.50 X 3yrs 1W 78OV
Kris Russell $6.25 X 2yrs 2W 73OV
Jason Garrison $3.83 X 3yrs 1W 72OV
Andrew MacDonald $1.76 X 3yrs 1W 69OV
David Schlemko $1.50 X 1yrs 2W 68OV

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