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So thrilled that Tranny did it again!

I’ve supported this team for FOUR frigging decades! (Geez, I’m getting old.) Saw them get promoted a few times, saw them win a cup at Wembley in the early 90’s, saw them save themselves from going out of the league in late 80’s, saw Aldo in his prime, watched my favourite ever Rovers player, Ian Muir, in his prime too. Happy that he was at the match yesterday.

The win against Newport was as good as any. I’m still so passionate about this team. Following a lower division team is full of ups and downs but there’s something so pure about it too. I’ve loved Liverpool Football Club for 4 decades too and still do passionately but Tranny remain my ‘local’ club and are on par for me.

Love that you’re still following the club, Locke and Girly...

Cheers to you all...
"It's red all over!!!!"
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