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Originally Posted by Mr.Coffee View Post
This might sound cruel or strange but for all you people who view these types of terrible injuries as the calling for the end to fighting as a part of the game, would you say the same thing about boxing or UFC? Arenít these injuries occurring in those sports? What about football? Rugby?

Iím honestly asking. Because I think that an unnecessary evil of contact sports are injuries. I think injuries can be very serious and even risk death. Look at NASCAR or bobsledding. We try to make sports and competition as safe as possible but itís not possible to prevent every single circumstance.

So then really it comes down to is fighting a part of the game? And I think it is, and has been for decades, and I think it does have a place. Also, hitting has a place. But the game is changing (for the worse in my opinion) to try and reduce or eliminate the physical nature of the sport.

I dunno maybe Iím wrong and a Neanderthal, but people sign up for this. I believe that they do understand the risks donít they? Iím not sure that really makes anyone feel better but Iím also not sure why one tragedy must mean the game must change forever.

And I mean this post with as much possible respect to this family and this poor dude. What he went through (is going through?) is truly, really awful. Was it worth it for a few fans to watch some fights? Maybe not but did we all know this would happen? No. How many fights and such have happened over the years where this has not happened? What are the risks and percentages of injury really? I dunno.
Even in regulated MMA - guys get medical suspensions. You don't see guys fighting twice a week or 5 times in a month in regulated MMA. They give their bodies and brains a chance to rest. These enforcers were fighting more times in a six month period than MMA fighters do in a 10 year career.
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