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Originally Posted by Matty81 View Post
Bennett is 2 years in and seems like he'll produce at least as much as Duchene... He has basically had a 20g 40p season and he has mostly been given 3rd line ice time. Plus he is way more physical. I think his upside is greater than Duchene.

Put in the wouldn't make that deal 1 for 1 camp. Higher wage, softer player, minimal production gain long run.
But he hasn't. He's had a 36 and a 26 point season.

Duchene had 41 last year, which was his lowest total ever (excluding lockout). He's also had 67, two 55, 59, and 70 point seasons. What is Bennett showing that makes you think he'll produce at least at that clip?

He's also played on Team Canada at both the Olympics and the recent World Cup.

Duchene is 26 so it's not like you'd be trading for an old bum either.

Bennett has potential but there's also the chance that he never lives up to it, and from what I'm seeing it looks like that's a real possibility. He'll be lucky to be in the same realm as Duchene.

If all the Avs are asking for in return is Bennett you do that deal every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
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