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Originally Posted by Phaneuf3 View Post
death were awesome but sabbath is tops for me. just can't be beat.
I agree. Sabbath rules them all.

That being said, alot of good bands listed here. Going back to the first post, Place Of Skulls is a really good band. Melvins, yeah, how can anyone not like the Melvins?

Others listed like Ayreon, Devin Townsend, Maiden all deserve a buy.

Some others that are really good..Black Label Society - Zakk Wyldes band.

Buckethead - though not catergorically metal, hard music with a twisted bent.

Some stoner bands like Electric Wizard, Fu Manchu,Saint Vitus, Masters Of Reality and the grandaddy of them all Kyuss, should be picked up if you are into Sabbath.

Or go old school with Suicidal Tendencies.
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