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Originally Posted by oilyfan View Post
Will they be able to fish cat5 into a location where there is only coax?
Hard to say without being there but if coax already exists I dont see why not. Its just extra work but its worth it. Ethernet is a far better cable than coax, there is no interefence like on coax to make the picture suck

Originally Posted by Ethaniel View Post
I had an install booked on Jan 21st and they had a screw up with their dispatch and I didn't get on their list for the install to take place. I was really bummed, but giving them another chance and the first available date for me was on the 7th so here is hoping they don't make another mistake.

I really want this service and being in a new neighborhood I qualify for the best package they can offer. Is there any tips for what I should request/do for when the installer comes? Anything that maybe I should ask for or get changed or get taught by the installer? I saw earlier you gave the tip of the cat5 and I will try to make sure i get that to the TV (didn't run it through the house on building though, wish I would have). Is there anything else like that?

for the installer himself the best and only real advice i can give is make sure they run ethernet instead of coax. this is the key to a great tv experience imo.
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