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There was the time the moderators had to deal with a poster who insisted he had a MORAL RIGHT to post pictures of naked women - from the Flames Stanley Cup run of 2004 - at

He was being banned, re-registering and posting boobie pictures almost by the minute, in a constant duel with moderators that lasted days, saying one time "I can keep doing this all day," arguing it was the principle of the thing that kept him motivated.

Finally, I think, it eventually got through to him that this is a private business and that he was endangering the advertising revenue of the site, that he could cause the site to be shut down by Bingo if he didn't desist . . . . but he never did understand the "good taste" argument.

Breasts were something that MUST be on the internet on ANY site!!!

I don't know if he's still here.

There are stupid trolls, of course, but this guy was in a different class.

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