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Was just shown this in a lecture today, thought it belonged in here. Pretty crazy looking back at what Canada was like during the cold war. Also seeing what I believe to be Tuxedo and the area around Centre and 16th looked like, especially with the newly planted trees that are now dozens of years old.

Interestingly enough AFAIK this was the only bombing evacuation drill to ever happen in Canada during the cold war and they chose Calgary because it was spread out and would look the most organized on film. Vancouver and Toronto were ruled out because they knew it would look like chaos trying to evacuate them and that'd be bad for the trying to inform the public.
I grew up in Tuxedo in the early 60's. I remember those sirens going off every once in a blue moon. Also St. Paul's was my first school. Neato.
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Maybe he hates cowboy boots.
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