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Losing Zator for no transfer fee and because the league can barely pay minimum wage is a serious concern. 2021 has to be a big growth year, followed by a bump in pay, because I can see a lot of casual fans not sticking around if they see too many players retiring because they canít afford to stick around. Itís one thing to sell players to other (better) leagues, itís another to lose them to a day job. Casual fans expect a lesser MLS, not a lesser USL Championship.

Northover was not exactly a star player, but when you see guys like him and Gasparotto walking away to take a pay raise in a 9-5 gig, that looks really bad.

Agreed that Zebie and Wheeldon are not at the Cavalry level (frankly, neither was Northover in 2020), and their departures make sense.
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