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Really tough to guess but right now, this is how we think our lines would look after re-rates.

Ehlers- Matthews - Schenn
Duchene- Backstrom - Lindholm
Kapanen- Hayes - Oshie
Virtanen - Richardson - Laine

Yandle - Sergachev
Niskanen - Ekholm
Dumba - Cholowski


So, these are some random thoughts of who might move:

Patrick Laine LW/RW - 21 year old RFA - This will be the hardest move to make even though he did nothing for us during the playoffs when we needed him the most. He simply does not pair well with Matthews and Ehlers is getting his shot on the top line instead. We're looking for high end picks/prospects

Backstrom C - 31 years old. 2 years left @ $7.50 - Matthews is our guy. It would be silly keeping Backstrom as a 2 C with Lindholm, Hayes and Duchene all available. Backstrom has consistently been one of the best forwards in the CPHL and was 10th in scoring this past season. If you need a #1C, this is your chance.

Hayes C/LW - 27 year old RFA - Where the other dominoes fall will determine what happens here. We'd be open to moving him though.

Oshie RW/C - 32 years old. 1 year left @5.25 - Would make a lateral move here for a similar winger.

Kapanen LW/RW - 23 year old RFA Looking for a lateral move here.

Dumba D - 26 year old RFA - I'll probably keep him because he had an off year and can be signed for 3 years on the cheap but my arm could be twisted before he gets traded to the NHL Flames this summer.

Yandle D - 32 years old. $7.5m and entering the last year of contract - 13th highest socring NHL Dman

Vasilevski - 24 year old RFA - One of the best in the league but hasn't helped us in the post season. We arent sure if we will release Holtby and keep Vas or if we keep Holtby and trade Vas. This one probably waits for re-rates.

There's a lot of "what ifs" here but that's what I have after taking my first in depth look since the summer started.
I'm stuck in a hotel every night this week and ready to wheel n deal.
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