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I just lost the entire post I was just going to type which would probably CRASH CP about Blackberry vs iPhone. Ill make this short since I'm mad I lost it.

I've had an iPhone for 7 months now, and all I can tell you is it's "aura" faded within the first month.

Before the iPhone I had Blackberry's(Pearl,Storm,Bold).

I was pretty satisfied with my BB's but bought into the hype of the iPhone.

There is one thing the iPhone does 100X better then a blackberry. Internet browsing. Its faster, easier, snappier you name it. If one of your requirements for a phone is to be able to access information on the internet then the iPhone is the phone for you. This is the sole reason why I still use an iPhone.

The Blackberry is better at(from my experience):

-Push Notifications
-Camera (Most BB's come with flash and higher MP's)
-Bluetooth(Works way better then the iPhone's)
-Blackberry App World has grown and includes a lot of iPhone's premier APPS.
-Canadian Company
-Works better as a "Phone"
- Has a removable battery, and doesn't DIE HARD like the iPhone.

I had way more in the post I lost, but that's all i'm saying. If the main function you want to use your phone for is Internet browsing and of course MUSIC. The iPhone is the phone for you.

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