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the way that I see it -

Eberle for Haula is banking on a resurgence from Haula. Haula has an incredible contract and can easily bounce back to the 72 he was last year

Tanev for Schneider is a positional need thing. Both guys are relatively the same rating for their position and are one-year rentals. I just paid a 2nd for Tanev and I doubt Schneider could get a 2nd

Morrow for Petan - defense for forward. I need more AHL forwards, Calgary needs AHL defense

Sautner was a contract thing, I need to clear contracts

Kronwall for Caggiula and a 4th - He clears $1.5 here and gets a defenseman with a pretty good rating. Kronwall becomes his best defenseman (and I believe Yzerman has said he is leaning toward returning for another year). Caggiula is a 66, a downgrade, hence the pick
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