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Default Hit the Net GM positions available

2017 edit:
Instead of rewriting all this in a new thread I just thought I'd bump this old one. We're in the middle of collecting fees for next season and there are usually a couple of openings. If you're interested get in touch.

The Hit the Net league has been running for six years now. In that time we branched out from a single 30 team points only league, and started a 14 team roto league and a 12 team dynasty league. As the season draws to an end we have openings in all three leagues and are looking for replacements. Many of the current GMs are from CP so there will be familiar names should you join up.

All three league are pay leagues with varying payouts for the regular season and for playoffs.

-----------HTN Classic----------
Our classic 24 team points only keeper league allows a GM the challenge of running a team in a very deep league with each team running a 23 player roster along with 15 prospects. Points are 1 for a goal or assist, 2 for a goalie win and 3 for a shutout. This league is great for someone who likes to follow the league as a whole, not just the star players. Given the depth you are drafting 4th line guys and looking to eek out every point possible.
Roster is 12F, 6D, 2G, 3 bench, 15 prospects
GMs keep 7F, 3D, 2 skaters (F or D), 1G

----------HTN Roto----------
The roto league is probably the most complex as there are a number of categories: G, A, +/-, Give Away/Take Away Ratio, SOGs, Shootout Goals, Hits, Blocks, PIMs, Special Team Points & GW goals, W, SO, Saves, GAA
Roster is 12F, 5D, 2G, 4 bench, 23 prospects
GMs keep 8F, 4D, 1 skater (F or D), 1G

For those unfamiliar with a roto league for each category the teams are ranked from best to worst. The team at the top of the category receives 14 points and the team at the bottom 1. This is done for each category and the GM with the most points leads the league. The challenge here is to find the right mix.

----------HTN Dynasty----------
Our newest league is the dynasty league. In a dynasty league all 23 players can be kept from year to year, there are no restrictions. This league typically appeals to someone who likes to build a team from the ground up.

Points are calculated 1 for a G or A and 0.1 point for each hit or block. Including hits and blocks adds a nuance to the league providing value to those guys who don't get on the scoresheet as much.
Roster is 12F, 6D, 2G, 3 bench, 23 prospects. Keep all the players you want.

We have 6 GM openings in the 30 team point league and 2 openings in each of roto and dynasty.

If you want more information or wish to join up any or all of the leagues please get in touch.

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