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Me and my bro basically just play online casual versus and the biggest things that big me are the following.

- When the opposition starts playing the game the wrong way in response to being beaten by either not playing or flipping the puck out for a penalty every play or going offside constantly. My fix would be create a way for the system to recognize these things and automatically end the game with the winner being no one. This would keep the stats authentic.

- In casual far too often you have to play against someone who has locked a position effectively bringing in a bunch of computer AI which ends up hurting the game flow and also just single player on the opposite side which is annoying too. Fix would be have specific modes like 2 vs 2 or 2 vs 1 or 2 vs locked. I can’t imagine that would be something that’s hard to program but what do I know?? Haha

As far as feel goes I’ve played every version of this game since 99 and it honestly feels like the closest representation in all the versions I’ve played. Biggest tweaks for me this year is the generally feel of the players, how smaller players seemingly bounce off bigger players and generally how there seems to be differing levels of contact that can happen between players now. I’ve seen clipping plays that used to simulate the players automatically into the hit if you were close enough for the animation to take over for example.

Overall I’m happy with it but I haven’t really played any other mode than versus and mostly casual versus with my bro for years and years so I can totally get where some would think this game to be shallow anymore.

Biggest thing I wish they would add would be a GM mode that allowed you to operate the arena and present arenas more internal operations all while a game was going on. Like a roller coaster tycoon type game within. Can’t say how many people would actually play/enjoy that but I’d absolutely love it! Side benefit would be the improved crowd look in the other modes which has needed a severe upgrade for years and years.
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