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Originally Posted by MonsieurFish View Post
How do either of those service's for watching games delayed (either the next day, or starting the game mid-way through it's occurrence)? I am frequently watching the game on a delay and have struggled to find a subscription service that can accommodate this properly - particularly if the delay is only 1 hour or so such that the live event is still streaming.

If I could figure out how to sort this out then I would truly have no need for cable any more, but the ability to PVR flames games and watch delayed is what's kept me with Shaw.

Watching delayed games is not much of an issue except the damn score summary when not in full screen. They show the active score not the score relating to your delayed time in the game. So stupid. If someone knows how to disable that on NHL TV please let me know as I have yet to find a way.

Beside that I some times have the stream stop even though Iím and hour or two behind when the game ends and I have to refresh the page. Annoying but not a huge deal.

I just switched to this from Shaw centre ice for this season and it is ok I guess. True per is better but I am rarely home so watching on the laptop with NHL TV works.
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