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Originally Posted by TorqueDog View Post
Given the tight partnership between Microsoft and Amazon to use the Amazon AppStore on WSA (and the contrastingly cold relationship that persists between Redmond and Mountain View), I wouldn't hold my breath for an 'official' method to do so.

You can use Magisk to load Play Services, among other options. I just installed Aurora and called it a day.
Well Microsoft is now releasing phone/tablet devices running Android, and the whole point of integrating Android apps into Windows is that Microsoft is finally giving up trying to force their own app ecosystem. I don't see why Google would prevent their services from running on Windows, it's adding millions more devices under their umbrella for free. At best I think we see them officially support Windows in a year or two, but at worst we'll get a better method of putting the Google framework on Windows than the ugly hacks involved right now
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