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Yeah that’s so weird. Not sure why they wouldn’t have opted for more closure in that case, especially if Bray is no longer going to be the Fiend character. They could have easily closed the loop on that whole angle at WM if they want to.

Have Alexa distract Fiend, Orton hits RKO and pins him.

Lights go out.

Alexa has Fiend in the Sister Abigail hits him with the move.

Lights go out.

Alexa is gone and it’s Bray in his normal clothes lying in the ring.

Then have the story be that Bray failed, and now Alexa is in control, and she was bringing in “Lily” to help her right the wrongs that Bray couldn’t.

Bray can go do whatever he wants to wants to do now, and kind of gets them out of the corner they painted themselves into with the Fiend and how he was booked.

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