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Originally Posted by Calgary14 View Post
Basic question - why do carmakers continue to produce hybrid vehicles over 100% electric?

I like Toyota and would buy a Toyota electric vehicle but they seem to only focus on hybrid.

Ive asked around and hybrid seems more complicated and much more expensive for repairs compared to electric. I've also heard a regular vehicle has around 300 parts that could potentially be replaced compared to an electric vehicle that has around 30 - could be wrong but seems like a no brainer.

So why not go 100% electric instead of hybrid, is it because they just haven't advanced the technology far enough?

I like Toyota and my current vehicle (gas) is going on 13 years, and if I could get the same out of a hybrid I would do so but not sure if I could.
Frankly, based on your post it sounds like EV's are just not profitable.

Expensive to manufacture, with much less service, but expected at the same price as a gas vehicle.

Why would Toyota want to pursue this when they can't build enough hybrids?
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