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My trusty OnePlus One was on it's last legs so it was finally time for an upgrade. I was going to go with the OnePlus 6, but then found out my new job would pay for one if it was purchased through Bell. So that narrowed my options a bit, but decided on the LG G7. I don't like the Samsung bloat on the Galaxy phones and wanted a headphone jack, so that pretty much left the G7 as the only option. Pretty happy with it though, LG's Android skin is way less intrusive than Samsung's, and with the LCD screen I don't get some of the weird tinting I've seen on the OLED screens. I probably wouldn't buy this phone outright if had to get it on my own though, LG would be smart to lower the price by a couple hundred bucks to give them an edge against Samsung and Google since they're still an underdog
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