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So the Boston Herald was duped into publishing a front page story about Brady holding out until he gets Jimmy G type money. It started with someone claiming to be Brady's agent Don Yee texting a Herald Sports writer, supposedly giving him the scoop on the potential hold out. I guess the reporter didn't bother to verify if it was actually Brady's agent and just went with it. And they were exchanging texts for weeks... yikes.

Brady has always been ok with fairly lean contracts when compared to some of these other ludicrous QB deals- who are we kidding though, he probably makes 30mil a year in endorsements and his wife is worth more than he is.
Bolded part is mostly why the patriots have been to 8 superbowls. Yes Brady is the greatest to play and Bill is the best coach but Brady could have demanded the max contracts and not re-structured in the past. He has always been about winning first and not maximizing $. This has allowed the patriots to build a TEAM not pay for a position
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