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Originally Posted by Senator Clay Davis View Post
I would much, much rather have Garoppolo than Cousins. Garoppolo is younger, better arm, more athletic. Oh the Niners roster is worse than the Redskins and Jimmy won one fewer game than Cousins despite having 10 fewer starts. Jimmy is gonna be top 5 in the league, especially with Shanahan.
That's a leap of faith as his stats aren't exactly eye opening as he's thrown almost as many interceptions as touchdowns this season. In those five meaningless wins the QB's he faced were Trubisky, Yates, Mariota (was not very good this season), Bortles, and Mannion. What exactly has he shown that indicates he's going to be in the same discussion as Brady, Brees, Big Ben, Matt Ryan, etc. It's a leap of faith to say he's in the same conversation as Wentz as an up and coming QB and I don't think he's even in the same discussion as Derek Carr. I forecast a lot of disappointment in San Francisco as to me he looks like an average QB at best.
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