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Originally Posted by PsYcNeT View Post
Strange. Maybe I googled the RAM type incorrectly (possible).

As a side note, I'd recommend running CPU-Z when running a full CPU load (Prime95 on Blended or something, probs not FFT) and jotting down what voltage the OC Genie set it to. Nowadays auto-overclockers are pretty good about not jacking up your voltage to crazytown but you can never be too careful.
Yeah, I think you might have been looking at the previous RAM I had selected. I'll definitely keep that in mind. Something that's driving me nuts is the one cable I have that's kind of slung over my GPU in the picture there. That's for the lighting in the case. It's not touching anything that's going to cause performance issues or anything, just not aesthetically pleasing, but I don't think I can get at it without taking out the GPU again and I don't want to risk ripping out another PCI. I actually haven't bothered to tie off many of the cables because there's a tonne of space in the case and they're mostly hanging out of the way but I might get to it at some point.
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