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A government not caring about deaths seems to stem from a US style selfish culture of putting one's own desires above all else. Humans have thrived because of cooperation and the ability to work toward the greater good. The selfish individual rights culture needs to die, and die fast.
We trade lives for money and convenience all the time, itís just not talked about openly. Reducing speed limits across the board would save thousands of lives a year. Banning all gatherings of more than 20 people every flu season would save thousands of lives. Banning or punitively taxing unhealthy fast foods would save thousands of lives. Controlled crosswalks with lights are safer than basic painted crosswalks, but we only install them in high-traffic or high-collision locations because we donít have infinite money in municipal budgets to pay for them.

So calculations and cost-benefit analysis are drawn up in obscure recesses of bureaucracies. Policies are formulated. And the line (or rather hundreds of lines) gets drawn somewhere. We can disagree on where those lines get drawn, but pretending itís a matter of obvious and stark moral choice is unhelpful.
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If this day gets you riled up, you obviously aren't numb to the disappointment yet to be a real fan.
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