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Final scores

0at 3

The Bruins sweep the mini 2 game series against the Isles. Swayman makes 25 saves for the SHUTOUT in just his 5th career NHL game. Timely goals for the Bruins as they scored with 3 seconds left in the 1st period, 47 seconds into the 2nd period, and just over a minute left in the 3rd period.

2 at 3 in regulation

The Sharks scored first and then the Wild took over. Kane scored a SHG in the 3rd period and the Sharks nearly tied it.

4 at 0

The Knights out shot the Ducks 23-3 in the 2nd period. It's like the Ducks mailed it in except for Gibson. Lehner with the SHUTOUT. Stephenson has 2 points and both teams didn't score on the PP.
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