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I think people need to keep in mind that all of these stories specifically go after the "sensational" situations and the contreversial fringes of what they are covering. I've got two boys that have been through the spring hockey scene. I've come across no situation where the parents harbour illusions that their kids will go to the NHL. The experiences have been great for the kids to play with other kids that are both skilled and also keen to play more hockey.

At the same time, my boys have played lacrosse, school volleyball, basketball, cross country, track and summer football. They also maintain their top priority which is great marks. We as parents love to watch them play but no moreso than our daughter's figure skating...which by the way is way more time consuming, and expensive than any hockey program.

So take all of these sensational stories with grain of salt. There are crazy stories in every sport. There are crazy parents in every community. But please don't make assumptions that just because something is elite, expensive or time consuming that it is wrong. Regardless of how far my kids go with sports, the life lesson of having a passion, working hard and getting rewarded for your hard work is a lesson that will benefit them no matter what they go into in life.
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