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There's a lot missing there, in particular the basis for those answers. Players, even kids, put pressure on themselves to perform all the time. My parents never put an ounce of pressure on me, and yet I was always worried about playing well and making a mistake. I put that pressure on myself because I wanted to perform at a high level. Eventually the pressure and anxiety burned me out of playing football, it just stopped being fun, but it never came from my parents. heck, I was an adult when i made the decision to hang em up.

True but when I was a kid I used to walk to the rink myself after school and was lucky if my parents checked in on my practice near the end to give me a ride home. Same thing for games and often we would catch rides with the handful of parents/coaches who were able to make it to the games. The parental involvment was very minimal. Now you have parents way too involved and as a coach I see this first hand. You hear feedback from the kids and the pressure today is comming more and more from the parents who have become increasingly involved and increasinly critical of their kids on ice performance, the refs performance, the coaches performance etc. Everything is micro managed. The real fun is still happening outdoors where kids are playing unstructured hockey and there is no pressure. The pressure of organized hockey can become unhealthy.
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