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Originally Posted by Roughneck View Post
A sport in the spring that can shake it up and have some transferable skills like hand-eye coordination and always moving with your head up that the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Joe Nieuwendyk and Joe Sakic all played?

Not to mention if the hockey thing doesn't work out, there are many scholarships to be had south of the border as well.


Also, anyone using hockey as a reason to "get a scholarship" south of the border is foolish. Most Canadian institutions are top notch and offer tuition levels far far below their U.S. counterparts.

Other than the Big10, I can't think of a conference that would give a hockey scholarship and would provide you with a quality education on par with Canadian schools. I know playing hockey can help with your resume to get into the Ivy league but you're still going to cough up 100k.
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