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Originally Posted by CliffFletcher View Post
Age =/= experience. As has been pointed out already, Murray had 72 games of AHL experience, including a run of absolutely dominating the league, before he got his shot at the NHL. Then he won 9 of 11 games in the regular season with a .930 save pct before getting a shot at the playoffs.

But hey, maybe the worst franchise in the NHL at developing goalies should defy the practices that have been proven to actually work (70 to 150 games of seasoning in the AHL) and throw Gillies in. Because impatient fans.
Are you seriously going to die on the hill that 72 games is materially different than 46 games?

Inexperienced goalies get a chance sometimes.

Anyone that though Elliott was the answer for tonight, after 5 bad games against the Ducks in 16 games, well I hope you now understand the question.
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