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Originally Posted by CaptainCrunch View Post
And cancellation of TMX has to be on the table, he's said it multiple times.

This election is a bunch of leaders acting like sign spinners in front of restaurants.

"Free Stuff, Get yer free stuff" (spinning sign around)

"How do we pay for it"

"Err the rich and powerful"

None of what these leaders are doing is an actual plan.

and its allll Bullshyte.
In thinking of a minority government though, it doesn't mean that because you hold say 15 seats and strike a deal that you get everything you want. A lot of minorities come to these uneasy coalitions where other parties prop the government up for a period because they don't want an election either. It's a lot of bluster.

So when the NDP says out campaigning that they would stop TMX, it doesn't mean they would force an election on that issue (and if they did it would be incredibly stupid as clearly most Canadians are not only in favour of that project, but just gave them 15/338 seats and they'll just get crushed in an unnecessary election).

I think that you would see concessions around areas that the parties could agree on, rather than areas where they're diametrically opposed. Maybe pharmacare, but more likely in the taxation area.
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