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Default Spousal RRSP

I have a question regarding Spousal RRSPs and figured this would be the best place to ask.

I have a personal RRSP (regular contributions) as well as a spousal RRSP in my wife's name (sporadic contributions). I have a matching RRSP plan with work and have the higher income in the marriage. As it stands currently, my RRSP is 3 times that of my wife's.

Over the weekend, we met with another couple in a similar situation as us (one spouse is higher income earner). They mentioned that they try to keep their RRSPs as close as possible to each other. They figure, in retirement, it's better for two people to withdraw $25,000 each rather than one giant $50,000 withdrawal from the bigger RRSP. They would save on taxes.

My question is, is that really the case? And if so, should I stop making contributions to my own RRSP and instead contribute to my wife's? Once both RRSPs are similar, I'll continue making equal contributions to both RRSPs.
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