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Originally Posted by browna View Post
^ Given his experience, with any team you could count on an bounce back season.

With last year's Oilers, where Lowe finally got enough trust of Katz to retake the organizational reigns and his ego pushed the coach and GM (who had previous taken his PHOP role) out and basically abandon the season as soon as McLellan was fired, there's a better chance of a bounce back for any player now in a new situation.

Just like whever Reider and Poolparty end up.
I've mentioned this many times, but its really difficult and dangerous to try and draw many conclusions from Oilers. Just all of it.

The team is a shambles, the management is a mess, they are completely directionless and rudderless.

And while last season among one of the Oilers' best seasons in 20 years thats a low, low bar. It was still a complete circus and that bleeds onto the ice.

Mike Smith is used to playing in a clown-show like Arizona so he should fit in seamlessly up there, but it undoubtedly affected Talbot's play along with most of the rest of their players.
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