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Originally Posted by powderjunkie View Post
This just seems like an awfully narrow sliver of information that you are worried about you have other methods to prevent her from receiving this type of info via other channels (News apps, etc.)? Or is it the air raid siren alert that is exacerbating the issue?

IMO, being able to opt out of the system is not the best solution here. What is wrong with the following:

Presidential/Level 1= current alert sound overriding DND/silence mode - Imminent threat to mass population (incoming missile, tornado, fire, flood, etc.)
Level 2 = a more moderate alarm sound (ideally that gradually increases in volume and intensity like a lot of alarm sounds do - still difficult to ignore, but less likely to make you crash your car or startle you awake) - Imminent threat to individual lives (Amber alerts)

I think there is room to debate whether level 2 should respect DND or phone silence settings or not (I'd lean to yes - these people will still see the alert within a reasonable amount of time)

Spitballing here, but I'd suggest that level 1 information would reach 99% of users in proximity to their phones within 1 minute.
Level 2 information would reach 90-95% of users in proximity to their phones within 5 minutes (obviously significantly less in the middle of the night if DND is respected, but it would still be the first thing they see when they wake up).

IMO this would mitigate both the 'cry wolf' issue and most other potential 'harms' from the alert system without significantly compromising its benefits...(I actually think it would maximize the long term efficacy of the system).
The question is would this affect the quality or quantity to tip coming in. We are looking for so few people who have relevant information that we shouldn’t be to quick to exclude them.

Were all of the people who provided tips for these Amber Alerts awake at the time of the alert or did they provide information from something they saw or knew from earlier after getting awoken. I hope they collect this type of data.
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