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Originally Posted by Hack&Lube View Post
Hey guys, I need a metal education. I'm trying to expand my appreciation of metal but I'm also mostly looking to pick up some more metal on vinyl.

Right now I have Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind and Dio's The Last in Line. I don't like modern metal but want to expand my 80s metal horizons. I'll even dabble a bit into the glam side. I just like searing vocals, the thundering base, awesome solos, and sometimes even the quieter prog rock type songs that appear sometimes on these albums.

What should I be listening to or buying records of?

May I suggest Mekong Delta? Bit of an acquired taste, but based on what you are asking for maybe it will tickle your fancy?

Fates Warning (Extremely underrated band)

Can't go wrong with Overkill....


Jag Panzer (slightly newer than what your are looking for, but along the same lines. Don't let the cheese dick video fool you, these guys shred.)

And my personal favorite recommendation, Watchtower.

Hope these find you well.
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