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Default Ticket Exchange Sub-Forum Rules - Zero Tolerance (Why was my thread deleted?)

Detailed rules are below. Starting with the 2018-19 season and the playoffs, we are going to allow posts over face value.

Ticket Exchange Sub-Forum Rules

A few general guidelines:

All Posts
- No phone numbers or email addresses
- Minimum post count of 100 posts is required.
- No links to external sites
- Please do not delete the content of your listing once the tickets are no longer for sale. Simply edit the thread title and/or the top post as "SOLD."
- You may see that a moderator has thanked your post. That only means one of us has "approved" your post. It is not an indication that we want to buy your tickets.

- Please limit bumping your thread to a maximum of once per day. The exception to that is if you are changing your price to a significant price reduction.
- I can't believe this has to be said, but do not directly copy somebody else's ad. It's fine to look at somebody's ad to get some ideas, however do not do a copy paste and just change the section and row.

- You are responsible for knowing what face value is for the tickets that you are selling, and that you are selling at or below face value.
- It does not matter what fees you may have paid, nor if you paid above face value yourself for the tickets. Face value is still the absolute maximum.
- When possible, please post the face value of the tickets you are selling. Especially in the case of a premium game, it makes it easier for us to keep tabs on the various posts.

Wanted to Buy (WTB) posts
- You must be very clear as to the price range you are looking for. Many people put vague ranges; like saying "2nd level"- which has a range of $60 to almost $400. if you want to have such a broad range, you must be very specific.

- Your post must be clear that you are not willing to pay more than face value. Some people put some thought into their threads, and say things like "I'm a single dad, so the cheaper the better." If in doubt, please be sure to add "Not willing to pay more than face value" to your ad.
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