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Default FC's 2019 NHL Draft Guide & Discussion (Discount inside)

Hey guys. I posted over in the 2019 draft thread on the main board but figured I would pull this out to the secondary board in case anyone happened to miss it.

FC's 2019 NHL Draft Guide is now available for purchase, and if you use promo code '2019CP', you'll all get a 20% off discount. You've all done such a fantastic job of supporting Future Considerations in the past, and we love you for it!

Link should be in my signature, but failing that, you can order here and then plug in the promo code once you get to the next step:

I'll also use this thread for any questions you might directly have on the guide, the draft class, who is available at No. 26, or any other themes! I'll take the questions back to our group and get them answered!

Happy drafting!

PS: Our 2019 Final ranking is here:
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