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Originally Posted by GGG View Post
She represents her wards interests well and is good left wing voice on Canada. I think her positions are likely held by at least 1/14 of Calgarians so her voice adds to council.

Fluoride should be legislated at the provincial level for cities of x size
There are so many things here I disagree with I don't even know where to start.

I'll stick to facts though.

She is supporting a $40M affordable housing initiative on 20th Ave and 6th St NW. In a city that has a huge amount of rental properties and is this a good use of money.

Why don't we think a little smarter and try to help fill rental properties throughout the city before blowing $40M on an initiative like this.

I can't stand her and 95% of what comes out of her mouth, so thanks for speaking for me that she represents my community well. No she does not.
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