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Originally Posted by Jiri Hrdina View Post
But total talent is largely driven by number of picks and where those picks are, things that largely happen in advance of the draft
Therefore you could have basically written ahead of time who had a good draft
Sure it is

Free agency is largely driven by the amount of money a team has and the amount of cap space they have.

Do some teams have advantages before the draft even starts? of course. No one said that life was fair

And the teams with extra picks? they got those picks for a reason. Their GMs focused on adding draft picks. Of course they are in better position to have a good draft, that has been part of their strategy (usually cause they are rebuilding).

What I find most important about this, is how much you used the draft to improve your team's future. And yes the teams with higher picks (if used well) will have done a better job of improving their future.
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