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Goes to show how random drafting really is.

You gave the Flames a D+, while The Draft Analyst (Sporting News) gave the Flames an A-!
He grades on how well a team uses the picks that they have. I grade on the overall amount of talent added. Thats the difference.

I think grading on how well you use picks is dumb. You can make great 7th round picks who turn out to make the NHL and play 50 games as a fourth line. Based on the fact most 7th rounders never get that far, its a great pick. But it doesn't really mean much when we talk about how much better your hockey team is as a result of the pick. The guys who move the needle are the ones who can make an impact at the top 6 fwds, top 4 D, number 1 goalie, etc...

so total talent added is better than using picks well IMO
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