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This forum is for Tickets Buy/Sell/Trade activity ONLY.

This forum will be strictly moderated. If you post something against the rules your post will be removed, and all access to this forum will also be removed.

There is a minimum requirement of either being registered for one year OR a minimum post count of 100 posts required to post in this forum. This is to prevent scalpers from coming in and registering just to sell their tickets. We understand this impacts honest sellers as well, however we've had enough problems in the past that this measure had to be taken.

All the standard guidelines from the buy/sell forum apply to this forum.
These rules also apply to PMs
Tickets may be bought, sold, and traded.
There will be no scalping of tickets.
Scalping is selling a ticket for more than the value that it was issued at (face value).
No additional fees (Ticketmaster fees, delivery fees, convience fees) may be charged or passed on (since we can't know if you actually paid these fees or not).
You must detail exactly where they are including the colour. This is extremely important as it will be used to determine the price you can charge for your ticket.
Do not link to other sites such as eBay for ticket sales.
Do not post your phone number or email address in the post. The reason for this is to cut down on scalpers trying to take advantage of our members.

We take this very seriously. Any user caught scalping tickets will be banned and have all their information forwarded to the pertinent authorities. If you arrange to buy tickets but get bait and switched or charged more than was listed on the forum, let the Moderator know ASAP.
This is the current list of ticket prices for Flames games:

Only the Door Price Including GST & SFPFF or less can be charged for tickets. Any amount or fees above those prices cannot be charged. We don't have the resources to check each sale to see if the service charges are valid or not in each case. If you are selling tickets to a game that the Flames have designated as a premium game and have a different face value printed on your tickets, please indicate so in your post.

If you are wanting to buy tickets please read the following:

- Please disclose your price range and/or seat preference.
- Please only one active WTB post per person. If you are looking for tickets to multiple games, then try and put it into one post.
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