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Originally Posted by Muta View Post
I hope this propaganda centre is more than just a bunch of junior social media dweebs getting mad at / debating people on Reddit and Twitter.

I'm also hoping the UCP consider going to bat in this province for non-O+G industries too, they're kinda being treated like Edmonton Oiler-style 'second tier' citizens right now IMO. There's hundreds and thousands of people in other industries that also matter. I hope they get a 'Canadian Energy Centre' too.
Yeah, what about ME?

Energy Exports are the primary source of income for this province, if the O&G industry flourishes, all of the secondary industries also see an uptick.

Service companies, aviation, hospitality, even retail, all suffer when our primary industry is artificially suppressed. The UCP propaganda center is about 5 years late, an irreparable amount of anti-oil propaganda has already been allowed to disseminate.
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