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Use median instead of removing the bottom making less than 60k. Why make arbitrary adjustments because you feel like it. Are there more doctors that are on the extreme high end in Alberta? That would have an impact on average. Remove that bias

I assume the less than 60k doc is an outlier in all provinces. But you're purely speculating that it makes the average higher in Alberta than in all other provinces for some reason. If you think we have more docs earning 60k than all the other provinces then I guess you could cry foul. But I don't think that makes any sense at all. It's not a bias when it applies to all.

What is the typical salary overall in the province they are comparing? A doctor earning $200,000/yr in Nova Scotia isn't they same as a doctor earning $200,000/yr in Alberta. You need to attract doctors and if the cost of living is higher in one province you'll need to provide incentive to come here.

For example why would a doctor choose Alberta over Nova Scotia if the pay is the same? They would be way further ahead living in Nova Scotia. You also have to factor in desirability. Outside of Calgary, Alberta doesn't have many desirable places to live.

Yeah. That's why Nova Scotia isn't part of the study. The four biggest provinces are included. You can argue that the cost of living in Ontario and BC is actually much higher than Alberta. And of course all provinces have a similar amount of rural and hard to access areas that need more expensive health care. Northern AB is not much different than BC and Ontario and Quebec. It is however much much more expensive to live in Toronto and Vancouver and Montreal than in Calgary and Edmonton. And desirability is completely subjective. No one is going to factor that into any reasonable study. You're missing the most important factor which is tax. And those are much much higher in other provinces.

You need to look no further than northern Alberta to find a history of sub par healthcare because they can't attract better candidates.

Cause northern Ontario and northern BC is awesome? Just kidding. But Alberta does attract more doctors than other provinces so that's not really a factor.

They need to account for other variables when doing a comparison like this. Someone making 80k/yr at an office job in Calgary might be considered overpaid but in Toronto they are barely getting by.

Hey that's my argument! But you can't account for all the factors you're talking about. I'm sure I'm missing something but those factors you mention are not it. If docs are paid differently in Alberta than in the other provinces then maybe that's a start. But so far the comparisons look pretty legit to me. We pay a lot and get less. And its been that way for a long time.
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