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Originally Posted by transplant99 View Post
I have no idea if he is or isn't. I'm not a psychologist...are you?

I do know that if someone is deemed a significant risk by said doctors, they should not be out walking about the general public unsupervised, regardless of the chances being "low" and if he does re-offend it will be "high severity" yeah....and for your buddy woob
Funny because those very same doctors assessed him as a low risk to reoffend, called him a model patient, said his schizophrenia is in full remission and recommended that, among other conditions, he should be allowed to go unsupervised at the discretion of his team so he can start getting prepared to go to a group home at a future to-be-determined-date.

This is allowing him, on a good day, to grab a bag of chips from the grocery store down the street with permission from a doctor.
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